Album at a glance: Radkey – Devil Fruit EP

Radkey - Devil Fuit

Radkey responds quickly after the release of the Cat & Mouse EP with another four song affair with the Devil Fruit EP. The three St. Joseph brothers have a much bigger audience for this set of songs and the music reflects it, they work on their stadium rock anthems here, especially on “Romance Dawn” with repeated chants of “Hey Hey Now.” One of Radkey’s oldest songs “Little Man” finally sees the light of day here with an increased tempo and “Start Freaking Out” may be the highest energy song this high energy band has ever produced. There is still an abundance of Misfits influence in their music but the EP still plays well. It seems Radkey may be a band that will forever be best heard in short durations as in this EP, luckily the band appears to realize that.
Key Track: “Start Freaking Out”

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