Album at a glance: The Sneaky Creeps – Negative Space

Sneaky Creeps - Negative Space

The Sneaky Creeps are a Kansas City act with St. Joseph roots that thrive on an erratic sound. High energy punk sounding songs make up their new album “Negative Space.” Aggressive songs with thin, shouting vocals with plenty of lead guitar over the rhythm section are where they thrive. Cuts like “D.M.T.N.Y.” and “Anitsocial” are just a couple examples of how much tension and how frantic this record can sound. The guitar is always right on top of song with everything else under it. It sounds like this album draws from 70s Stooges, 80s Replacements and 90s Modest Mouse all while not sounding dated at all.

Key Track: “Antisocial”

Find it at:


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