The Vinyl Court: Neva Dinova – You May Already Be Dreaming

Neva Dinova - You May Already Be Dreaming

Neva Dinova – You May Already Be Dreaming LP album jacket

  • Artist: Neva Dinova
  • Album: You May Already Be Dreaming (2008)
  • Purchased at: Zebedee’s RPM (Kansas City, MO) for $12

The thrill of the hunt is what keeps you coming back to the same record bins week after week or month after month. You always want to find that gem you never thought you’d hold. While thumbing through the import section at Zebedee’s RPM in Kansas City I came across one of those gems; Neva Dinova’s “You May Already Be Dreaming.”

It stands as the now defunct Saddle Creek band’s last release and I had the chance to buy it at a live show back in 2008, shortly after the record’s release. I didn’t have a turntable at the time, so I passed it up and have regretted it ever since. The die-cut cover with a curtain border reveals the inner sleeve of a praying mantis over a cityscape that is way cooler at LP size than CD. The music is great too, with the dark and powerful song “Clouds”  leading the way and more experimental songs like “Supercomputer” and “Squirrels” adding to the album’s brilliance. The

album had a low print run and vanished to the point I never thought I would see it again. A Saturday spent flipping through record bins produced it for me and reminded me why I spend hours passing up sub-par records looking for a gem.

Rating: B+


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