Album at a glance – Benkirkland – Benkirkland

Benkirkland Benkirkland

There aren’t many punk acts in St. Joseph so Benkirkland has a lot of weight to carry. They dabble with some ska style strums on songs like “All Alone” on their self-titled debut but clearly are exploiting their strengths when they are a little more edgy like on the mosh-worthy “Bitch Ass.” The clean guitar hook of “Gun Related” draws you in and when combined with straightforward punk vocal performance, it is clearly a song that will stick with you. “Fuck This Town” has ‘anthem’ written all over it and stands as the album’s best track. As an added bonus you get a collection of demos the band recorded a decade and a half ago to fill out the CD.

Key Track: “Fuck This Town”

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