The Vinyl Court: Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks

The cover of Bob Dylan's legendary 1975 album Blood On The Tracks.

The cover of Bob Dylan’s legendary 1975 album Blood On The Tracks.

  • Artist: Bob Dylan
  • Album: Blood On The Tracks
  • Purchased at: The Lucky Tiger (St. Joseph) for $16

Buying multiple copies of vinyl records makes more sense than multiple copies of CDs. Condition is always key but sometimes it is just hard to let a vintage record not go home with you. For me, every Bob Dylan record is tempting but a nice, clean copy of Blood On The Tracks was just irresistible.

I have one copy hanging on my wall but it has tons of static, so I wanted a clean copy to spin. This beautiful break up album is one that you don’t really listen to; you absorb it. It is heartbreaking and liberating all in one shot. You have probably heard the great “Tangled Up In Blue” but if you really want to hear the power of Blood On The Tracks listen to “If You See Her, Say Hello” “You’re A Big Girl Now” or “Idiot Wind.” There are very few records that always sound fresh and can survive endless, repeated spins but this one is definitely among them. Was it worth buying a second copy? Without a doubt. Just like it will be worth buying third and fourth copies if the opportunity ever arises.

Rating: A+

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6 Responses to The Vinyl Court: Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks

  1. 45spin says:

    To this day it remains one his finest albums and anyone who listens the lyrics knows that must of been one hell of a break-up. Interesting to note is that this album started out being recorded as a group of demo’s in a small studio in Minneapolis. Wonder where those tapes are today?

    • VocalsOnTop says:

      Is that the Blood on the Tapes session? Or is that even after Minneapolis?

      • 45spin says:

        Not sure which, There was a local band in MPLS that was from the DInkytown / West Bank area were Dylan used to hang out when he lived here. He used them for helping to put together the rough tracks. I have a friend who was present for those sessions

      • VocalsOnTop says:

        That’s sounds awesome, I know the Blood on the Tapes sessions are heavily bootlegged, I even have a copy. I imagine they will become an official “Bootleg Series” someday soon.

  2. Thom Hickey says:

    Thanks. Pleased to have discovered you here. BOTT remains a landmark recording in bobs career and twentieth century art! Look forward to reading more here. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (lots of bob and much more!).

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