The 7 People You Don’t Want To Be at Concert

I go to a lot of concerts, probably too many. They aren’t all good and many times they aren’t even ruined by the band, it’s the audience that ruins it. These people don’t know they are ruining the show for other people most likely but you undoubtedly have had to deal with some of these people, maybe one of these people is you. I hope not, so let’s review what 7 people you don’t want to be at a show.

The Talker

The Talker is the one who stakes out a good spot up front but still needs to tell his friends about his day. This being in-between you and the band couldn’t be more annoying. If you want to tell your buddy about your roommate’s new car, do it in the back of the bar, away from the stage.

The Swayer

If you want to dance, dance; don’t just sway slowly back and forth. There are people behind you that are viewing the show on either side of you; they don’t want to see the show off-and-on throughout the night. So either hold still or just dance.

The B.O. Guy

You know him, maybe it isn’t his fault but you can smell him from two people away. Maybe it’s not really their fault but it still leaves you feeling dirty. So double check that you used the deodorant before you leave the house; the stuff isn’t that expensive.

The Request Guy

Shut the hell up request guy! You like to request a song you know they are going to play later, they have already played, or worse yet a cover. Don’t go see a band, then insult them by asking them to play a song someone else wrote. If you do yell out a request; at least get the song title right.

The Back-Up Singer

You don’t know the damn words and you sing off-key; so shut up! It’s almost like you want everybody around you to know that you have listened to the band before. We know, that is why we are here too.

The Blocker

This guy is always in front of me. His shoulders are about eye level with me and he usually has big hair or a hat to boot. I guess his idea was to block as much of the show as possible for me.

The Absentee

Even though these other people are terrible, maybe the worst one is the person who didn’t show. The band’s need support or they will quit playing. Try to be an annoying ass at shows; but at least come out and listen to some music.

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