250 Word Album Review: Electrician – Wet and Ripping the Lake in Two

Electrician - Wet and Ripping The Lake In Two

Electrician - Wet and Ripping The Lake In Two gets 3.5 Stars

Listening to a ton of music makes you hear trends that are so tiring it is hard to take any of it seriously. Electrician’s Wet and Ripping the Lake in Two does not qualify in any way. It is a short, strange collection of 6 songs that clocks in at under 20 minutes. The songs are unconventional, therefor interesting.

The opening “Our Scalps Are Dry” is coated with so much electric sounding distortion it wears thin but still has enough variance in sound to make you want to hear where it is going. The short and dark “I Couldn’t Feel Safe” is stripped to its core as a song and only adds to the vulnerable nature of the song. “The Tree Line Receded” is the highlight of the short EP as a well put together duet with male and female vocals. The pace of the song never changes but the light, tapping drums carry you right through making you never losing interest. While “The Cave That It Lives In” is a throwaway drum solo, “You Can’t Kill Everyone” is once again stripped down and the lyrics are interesting enough to make you overlook the Kermit the Frog vocals that adorn the record.

Overall Wet and Ripping the Lake in Two is interesting because it doesn’t fall into any easy category or take any of the cliche ways to make songs sound listenable. Maybe the songs aren’t as good as they could be and neither is the musicianship but originally is far more interesting than those things.

Key Tracks: “The Tree Line Receded” “You Can’t Kill Everyone”

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