250 word album review: Jake Bellows – New Ocean

Jake Bellows - New Ocean

Jake Bellows - New Ocean gets 4.5 stars


Jake Bellows disappeared after the last Neva Dinova record You May Already Be Dreaming then, seemingly out of nowhere a solo record, New Ocean, popped up. With New Ocean it seems Bellows really is in his wheelhouse, relaxed and comfortable and possible making the best music of his life.

After a couple solid Neva Dinova records then some time off it looks like Bellows kept on the same path for the most part. The songs here aren’t much slower and good old fashioned guitar licks are still peppered throughout. The song “New Ocean” may be his way of turning the page to this phase of his career but it is hardly a deviation. “I Know You” has some quiet mastery that he perfected with his previous band and “All Right Now” is a no holds barred rocker. With the gentle “I Know You” “I Can’t Wait” and “Should You Ever Change Your Mind” it is clear that the slower side of Bellows that concentrates on lyrics is still very present and it is something he does so well.

This record speeds ahead with few blindspots as it feels like an album that is very tightly knit and well thought out. The songs can be faster or slower but are always delivered with the utmost patience, never rushing to the point too quickly and letting songs unfold naturally. New Ocean could be one those great records that no one knows about for years to come.

Key Tracks: “I Know You” “All Right Now” “Should You Ever Change Your Mind”

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