250 Word Album Review: Sassparilla – Pasajero // Hullabaloo

Sassparilla - Pasajero // Hullabaloo

Sassparilla - Pasajero // Hullabaloo gets 4.5 stars

Sassparilla’s Pasajero // Hullabaloo is one of the most intriguing records you will hear all year. With an incredible amount of versatility and swagger it keeps you interested and survives repeat listens; actually, it requires them. The inspirations are from every corner of music on this double album with two similar discs. The first disc is more polished and refined but other than that the differences aren’t that defined.

The most prevalent sound is the Tom Waits junkyard stomp. With frequent mentions of the devil and his doings the lyrics fit right in line as well. The raspy vocal delivery of songs like “What The Devil Don’t Know” “Overture” and “It Ain’t Easy” are drenched in Waits’ influence. The clean sounding “Dark Star” shows the other side of the vocal range with a smooth delivery reminiscent of Anthony Kiedis only with lyrics that make sense, unlike RHCP songs. The best vocal performance however comes on the harmonica laden “Wicked Take Care of Their Own” but is immediately followed by more rasp on “Why You Making It Hard.” There is plenty of boogie here in spots as well, like on “Cocaine” and “It Ain’t Easy” and some old school delta blues on “Through The Fence.” The most accessible track may be the echoey indie rock sound of “Cool Thing” or possibly the unabashed rocker “Peaches” that features a stadium sound that could have been plucked out of INXS’s catalog.

This double album keeps you guessing and wanting more, everything is put together just right and there are very few holes in this 19 song offering and it is sure to prove to be one of the best albums of the year come December.

Key Tracks: “What The Devil Don’t Know” “Cocaine” Wicked Take Care of Their Own” “Peaches”

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