Coming Soon: Musicfest at No Place on 8/9/14

MUSICFEST 2014 poster

By Danny R. Phillips

It is a rare and beautiful thing when the musicians of St. Joseph come together for a night of music and good times.  It is even more of a joy when those musicians come together to help someone else, someone in need.  In the case of Musicfest 2014, the community comes together for Bailee Wennihan, a young woman that has been in a coma since April.  The show will hope with costs to get Miss Wennihan to Texas for specialized neurological rehabilitation.

MusicFest 2014, to take place Saturday August 9th starting at 4pm through 12 am at No Place, will feature performances by some of the area’s most loved acts.  Burn it Black, Sweetdreamer, DC & Key, Coverboy, Watching the Fall, Until the World Ends, Grindstone Creek and Kingfisher will be on hand to do their part to help Miss Wennihan receive the treatment she most desperately needs following a seizure most likely brought on by her lupus or Lyme Disease.

Grindstone Creek’s Brian Smith, taking a moment from the band’s preparations for an appearance at this year’s Trails West Festival told Vocals on Top “It’s a positive, fun environment for everyone involved.  Simply put, its good music with good people for a good cause.”  This will also be the first show with Grindstone Creek’s new lead vocalist Kari Crow.

Chris Ellis, of popular area bands Coverboy and Sick B Twitzed, broke down his band’s involvement to the most simple of terms.  “MusicFest is about bringing together local and surrounding area bands to jam and party, to play music with your friends and fellow musicians.  If we can do that and help someone in need, well then, that’s a bonus.”

John Dail of St. Joseph hard rock/metal band Burn It Black said, “I’ve known Chris and Elizabeth Ellis (MusicFest’s organizers) for a while and when I was in Fires of Eden, they invited us to play Musicfest a couple of years ago, we had a great time.  I left FOE and started a new band, Burn It Black, they invited us to play this year and we happily accepted.  It’s a blast.”

So, come out Saturday August 9th at No Place ( 3414 South 22nd St. St. Joseph, MO ) to help Bailee get much need medical help and show the people and bands of St. Joe that you love and support them.  Good music and a Karma tuneup?  It is a win-win situation in my book.


MusicFest 2014

$5 Cover (donation jar at door for Miss Wennihan)

Saturday August 9th at No Place  (3414 South 22nd St. St. Joseph, MO)

All Ages until 9pm accompanied by parent or legal guardian


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