250 Word Album Review: Los Seis Pistos – Punk Will Never Die

Los Seis Pistos - Punk WIll Never Die

Los Seis Pistos - Punk WIll Never Die gets 3.5 Stars

Sometimes you just want to have fun and sometimes you want to scream and yell and sing along. Punk rock is a great outlet for this (as long as it isn’t angry punk.) Los Seis Pistos album Punk Will Never Die doesn’t feel angry at all (although, half the album is sang in Spanish so I’m not really sure) if anything, it sounds celebratory.

When you listen to the snotty vocals on the album it’s hard to not be drawn in by them. With lofty sing-along choruses (none more soaring than the title track) it is easy to listen to despite the harsh edge of the music. Short, jagged guitar licks are paired with fast drumming and they are all held together by solid groovy bass grooves. Whether the lyrics are sang in Spanish or English it actually makes little difference, the vibe is essentially the same. Like many punk bands, they indulge in a little ska-punk on “Que me la Mame” complete with a little Spanish guitar noodling but their strength is clearly with their harder punk tunes like “El Punk No Morira” and “So Done.”

The aggressiveness never really lets up making the album pretty straight forward with no surprises lurking with any oncoming tracks. The positive side is that the music and fun and it puts you in a good mood listening to it. Sometimes, that is all you need.

Key Tracks: “Punk Will Never Die” “So Done”

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