The Vinyl Court: The Motels – All Four One

The Motels - All Four One

  • Artist: The Motels
  • Album: All Four One
  • Purchased at: Pawn Plus(St. Joseph) for $1

Not every slab of used vinyl you pick up is going to be a winner. The Motels third album, All Four One, was originally released in 1982 and not only has a terrible album title but it sounds like your typical 80s album. It is a group of overglossed new-wave pop songs with too many keyboards and crappy sounding drums. It’s not a provocative listen but probably won’t prompt you to turn it off either, it is like the feeling of listening to a top 40 radio station on in the background; not obtrusive but not exactly enlightening either.

For just a buck at a local pawn shop it is still a decent pick up and was worth a shot. There is more surface noise and pops than you’d like as a record collector but for the price tag it is hard to nit-pick. This was just one of nine one-dollar records from that trip and nothing from it will get weekly or even monthly spins on my turntable but cheap records need a little love too sometimes. If you have a few extra ones in your pocket, a trip to a pawn shop to score records on the cheap isn’t a bad idea.

Rating: C-

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