Album at a glance: Scruffy & The Janitors – Anglo EP

Scruffy & The Janitors - Anglo

Scruffy & The Janitors – Anglo

The current shining stars of the St. Joseph music scene blast into new territory with their rowdy new EP “Anglo.” The short opening song “Ms. Crucio” doesn’t hold back and gets out of the starting blocks as fast as anything you’ll hear. “Dirtleg” is currently decorating 96.5 The Buzz’s regular rotation along with the band’s previous single “Shake It Off” also on the EP getting plays. “Nehemiah” treads water proving the band has more than one gear before giving way “Dirtleg” to round out “Anglo” on a ferocious note. Even with the success of “Dirtleg,” “Shake It Off” is clearly top dog here with guitar line more addictive than nicotine and when the song drops into the chorus it will lock into your personal regular rotation as well.

Key Track: “Shake It Off”

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