Album at a glance: The Lucky – Swimming Invisible

The Lucky - Swimming Invisible

The Lucky – Swimming Invisible

The Lucky is garage-punk band out of Kansas City with a knack for pop hooks. On “Swimming Invisible” they strut their stuff with a maximum amount of swagger like on the guitar-noodling filled barroom rocker “Hey Rosie.” With predominantly female vocals with relatable lyrics, the raw punk sound remains fresh. “Sex Dream” has high school level sex references and “Cuss The Rich” shows the band has room to mature but the pop hooks are still hard to ignore. “Mad Ones” will remind you a bit of the New Pornographers and “Kansas City” is a dead ringer for a Pornographers tune. “Swimming Invisible” is a fun record with high energy and oozes of sex appeal, it could easily be this summer’s guilty pleasure.

Key Track: “Kansas City”

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