Album at a glance: Dreamgril – Sensually Yours EP

Dreamgirl - Sensually Yours


The “Sensually Yours” EP by Dreamgirl is like a promise ring from you high school sweetheart. It is only two songs but it is an exotic preview of things to come. The sultry electro-pop sound is fresh to the area and there is nothing else quite like it. There are relaxed grooves and a strong dose of soul in the music as well. On “Sweet Thang” singer Lacey Hopkins serenades like a siren in a way that most sailors would find impossible to resist. The other track, “High Dive,” finds a wandering keyboard following a jazzy groove with Hopkins once again belting sultry about summer. Look at these two songs as a teaser for now and just hope there is much more to come.

Key Track: “Sweet Thang”

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