Album at a glance: Moonshine Sorrow – While You’re Drinking

Moonshine Sorrow - While You're Drinking

Moonshine Sorrow – While You’re Drinking

If you are wondering what to do since Waylon, Willie and the boys aren’t so active anymore, look no further than Moonshine Sorrow. They come from Iowa but channel Luckenbach pretty well. Whiskey soaked songs fill the 7 track album “When You’re Drinking” and inebriation is a common theme. The songs also center around being in a band like on “8 Hours For 2” where they state their devotion to playing shows and on “Feed Me, Fuck Me, Buy Me Weed” the band blasts with a country strut while telling the story of another night and another town. Old school country songs, twangy guitar licks and harp solos fit the band perfectly and justify their presence in every hole in the wall bar across the country.

Key Track: “8 Hours For 2”

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