Album at a glance: One Headlight High – Live Free or Don’t

One Headlight High - Live Free Or Don't

One Headlight High – One Headlight High

Pop punk is one of the cleanest sounding genres around. Green Day, Jimmy Eat World and Superchunk created a huge wake of bands inspired by them over the last couple decades and out of rural Missouri comes One Headlight High showing just how deep those bands’ influences have reached. The band rocks hard with heavy hooks and the vocals featured on top of the mix, just like they should be. They punch hard on the rocker “Sexlexia” and slow it down appropriately on “Meanwhile Back In Maryville.” Targeted at the high school and college aged crowd, this well recorded album has big choruses and churning guitar licks that fill the album making it irresistible not to sing along with.

Key Track: “Sexlexia”

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