Album at a glance: Anie – Lovekill

Anie - Lovekill EP


Anie’s Lovekill EP is an interesting mixture of 4 songs. Starting with the over-the-top pop of “Lovekill” the EP seems immediately like it could be too much to handle. The next song “Honey” is still extremely poppy but does have more interesting textures that the title track. “Only Ever This” sounds like dark indie-pop in the vein of Bon Iver. The final song “Fear of Losing” continues with a strange progressive 70s soft rock tone that can be felt on much of the album. Lovekill can be difficult to grasp and possesses its strengths at its slower and more delicate moments. It is an interesting mix of songs that could eventually lead to something really great but now seems to be trapped in being too elusive and strange to pin down.

Key Track: “Only Ever This”

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