Album at a glance: Paul Collins – Feel The Noise

Paul Collins - Feel The Noise

3 Stars

Paul Collins holds steady with a sound he has had for years with his album Feel The Noise. Collins lets his age show just enough in the songs here to not make it seem like he is just trying to recapture past successes. He blasts out mid-tempo punk with a minimalist approach while keeping a very strong pop sensibility to result in a slight rockabilly result. If Johnny Ramone would have joined the Beach Boys it may have sounded like this.

On “Lonely Girl” the call and answer technique is used to break up the grungy song while on “Reach Out I’ll Be There” it is hard not to think of The Clash’s “London Calling” with the first notes of the song. There is a little bit of Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue” in “Baby I’m In Love With You” so it is obvious Collins keeps his influences in the forefront. This album feels like an aging rocker acting his age like you’ll hear in an Ian Hunter or Graham Parker record.

Key Track: “Reach Out I’ll Be There”

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