The Vinyl Court: Lucero – That Much Further West


Lucero - signed vinyl copy of That Much Further West

  • Artist: Lucero
  • Album: That Much Further West (2003)
  • Purchased at: Lucero Concert (The Crossroads, Kansas City, MO) for $20

As a music fan I do my best to support the artists that I like. Listening to them on Spotify is no way to support a band you love listening to. I found myself at a Lucero concert in Kansas City recently and in front of an expansive merch table. I picked up 3 LPs there by the band, none of which I could find at Best Buy or any record stores. It feels good when you cut the middle man out and hand your money directly to the band, so I did.

Not only did I support Lucero (who tours their ass off to make a living) but I found myself standing at the merch table with lead singer and songwriter Ben Nichols after the show. He was happy to slop his signature on my newly aquired LP jacket cover and snap a picture with my brothers and I. Now I can spin my 180 gram vinyl copy of “That Much Further West” and enjoy the unashamed rocker “Tears Don’t Matter Much” or the delicate “Mine Tonight” or even the powerful prophesying of “Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good” and know that my money helped to let a great band make their next record. Best Buy or any other middle man didn’t get a piece of the price tag and that makes the album sound just a little bit better to me.

Rating: B+


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