Album at a glance: Clawhammer – Clawhammer

Clawhammer - Clawhammer album cover

Clawhammer’s self-titled album thrives on grittiness and power. The scrape of a washboard, plucks of docile banjo strings and reverb of the guitar fill out these minimalist songs. Each track seems to center around possessive relationships. On the frantic duel female and male vocals on “Chickenscratch” the female antagonist swears independence. “One Good Eye” finds the junkyard sound staying suspicious while the banjo driven “Skillet” finds a gravelly male vocal howling about his desires. Just because it sounds like they are playing instruments they found in an old wood shed doesn’t mean they can’t snap into a groove either, like on they yearning “Lovesick.” “Clawhammer” is a very rigid record but it is by design, the female vocals help smooth things out with a sinister sweetness that will draw you in for more.

Key Track: “Chickenscratch”

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