Album at a glance: The Shivers – Charades

The Shivers - Charades

Shivers got lost in the indie rock shuffle of the 2000s. In the days when Saddle Creek was thriving as a label and indie acts were moving records like never before, a ton of good bands just got shuffled into the mix. Shivers are now re-releasing their album Charades as it has built a clout of its own over the past decade. With delicate songs that are lightly plucked out on acoustic guitar strings like “L.I.E.” and “Roses” it feels like the record emerged out of a lo-fi landscape of talent. The vocals on the album give a distinctness that falls somewhere between reflective and naive. “Beauty” one of the most accessible tracks here and serves as a gateway to Charades. If you’re a singer-songwriter fan, there is plenty here to enjoy.

Key Track: “L.I.E.”

find the album at:

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