Album at a glance: The Souveneers – “Tales of the Ne’er Do Wells”

The Souveneers

The Souveneers are hot on the heels of their debut album “Dance American” and recently left on their first tour. To help fund the tour they released this two-song EP with fresh tracks that weren’t show tested like on their full-length. The two songs show the band’s sound going in a slightly different direction but still contain Jerrad Hardin’s patent smooth vocal swagger and the band’s vintage feel. “The T.V. and The Radio” has a soft, buzzing guitar lick that never gets old and some gentle shout vocals to make it a winner. “From Here To Fan Nan Nan” is a slower song filled with sentiment and some unhurried mandolin picking making for a pair of songs that are locked in and comfortable for a nice sampling from the band.

Key Track: “The T.V. and The Radio”

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