Album at a glance: A.J. Gaither – Live at The Westport Saloon

A.J. Gaither - Live At The Westport Saloon

A.J. Gaiter is a one-man band that performs shows raw and unashamed, warts and all. His performances make him a perfect candidate for a live record so that is precisely what Little Class Record released for him. Gaither likes to get rowdy like on “Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven” and “Ain’t Enough Whiskey” and work the crowd into a frenzy with his kick drum and fast strumming. He also turns the pace down well as he coasts into the reminiscing “Old Truck” and examines his path on “Faith or Fate.” Once you hear Gaither’s rough backwoods snarl and stories of whiskey, weed and worse, it will click with you why he is on the same record label as Missouri Homegrown.

Key Track: “Faith or Fate”

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