Album at a glance: Matthew Coman – Aborted Fetuses

Matthew Coman - Aborted Fetuses

Some artists have no problems with productivity; take Matthew Coman, who just released “Aborted Fetuses,” a b-sides album as a precursor to his record due out later this year. “Fetuses” is some old songs, some covers and even new songs that didn’t quite fit anywhere. An electrified version of Elliott Smith’s “Needle In The Hay” and a gentle rendition of The Beatles “Girl” make for nice additions here. The true stars are original outtakes getting a peak at the daylight, like “Sleeplessness Blues” and the Mark Lanegan inspired “Oh Brother” where Coman reaches for a rasp beyond his years. Why not put a collection of orphan songs on bandcamp for a discounted price? It’s a win-win for the artist and listener.

Key Track: “Sleeplessness Blues”

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