Cracker – Sunrise In The Land of Milk and Honey vinyl review

Cracker - Sunrise In The Land of Milk and Honey vinyl record

How do you know you really want an album on vinyl? How about when you order off of a website that is completely in German and use Google Translate to decipher each line and hoping the euro to dollar conversion doesn’t kill you wallet? In my defense Cracker is my favorite band, ever. Their 2009 album “Sunrise In The Land of Milk and Honey” isn’t there best record but it is the only one available on vinyl on the happy side of $100. I was weary of ordering from the German website Blue Rose Records but my want for the record was well worth the $26 risk. After a nervous time period of about 5 weeks I came home to one of my favorite sights, A 13”x13” brown box the mailman placed inside my screen door.

The album is possibly Cracker’s most rocking record and is very solid on the strength of the surprise semi-hit single “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out with Me.” The short rocker “Show Me How This Thing Works” and the delicious riffage on “Hey Bret (You Know What Time It Is)” highlight the rest of this guitar rich album. It really only begs one question, why is the only country acoustic number right in middle of the song list? Seeing Cracker spin on my turntable brings me unprecedented joy but leaves me with one thought, can I get Cracker’s “Greenland” pressed on vinyl next? My wallet is at your command.

Rating: B

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