My Favorite Cracker Album: Cracker – by John Mockmore

My Favorite Cracker Album: Cracker - by John Mockmore

My Favorite Cracker Album: Cracker – By John Mockmore

I was house sitting when I first discovered the group Cracker and the CD my friend Carmen had. I played it through his speakers and listened to maybe the first two tracks and decided it was a keeper and quickly dubbed a copy on cassette to enjoy over and over (I eventually purchased it on CD.)

That was close to 22 years ago, I have seen the band and met the artists of Cracker but this album is very unique. This being a debut album it was too early to tell what this band was all about but the music is as raw and driving as it was that summer day I discovered Cracker.

Cracker’s self-titled / debut / Brand album is one of the finest first albums I have ever heard. Mixed with hard driving guitar riffs and no nonsense “I don’t give a fuck” attitude! Then along comes comedy and satire woven throughout. There is not a bad song on this album and it flows so well together, but this is where it all started. Some say the next album, their second one called Kerosene Hat is better, that is opinionated but this one has the balls and audacity to kick Kerosene Hat in its ass and not even work up a bead of sweat!

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