Album at a glance: Black Luck (formerly Black On Black) – Firebrand EP

Black Luck (formerly Black On Black) - Firebrand EP

It is so tempting to call Black Luck (formerly Black On Black) a punk band but they just doesn’t quite fit the bill. The punk mentality and aggressiveness is there; the music is just too full. The thin, tinny guitar sound isn’t here, instead it is steady strums of a distorted guitar growl. The “Firebrand” EP pushes the tempo to a max on all 5 songs, never being forgiving or sympathetic. At times you don’t realize how heavy the garage rock wall of sound is until the gaps in between tracks hit and it all goes silent. The vocals on “I Dreamt I Died” fall more into the singing category than shouting most of the time but are slightly overshadowed by the band’s dense sound. The rest of the EP’s songs are similar as the band solidifies its sound without much change.

Key Track: “I Dreamt I Died”

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