Album at a glance: Holy Mother Exhaust – Holy Mother Exhaust

Holy Mother Exhaust

Holy Mother Exhaust – Holy Mother Exhaust

This long lost record finally saw the light of day by way of a reunion show in November. The recordings aren’t new but very few have ever heard them. Dsoedean drummer Bobby Floyd takes control of the mic for the band and it is easy to see where his influences lie. The weirdness of The Pixies shines through often with erratic guitar licks and unconventional vocals. The energy in the guitar work keeps the songs bouncing, especially on “She Floats” where it sounds like the guitars are trying to escape from their own shadows. “That’s A Girl” finds the band indulging in a soaring chorus along with the rhythm section locking in as good as any place on the record. This recording feels done and ready to go; it just needs to find your ears.

Key Track: “That’s A Girl”

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