Album at a glance: Empirics – Odophilia

Empirics - Odophilia

The Empirics is St. Joseph musicians Eddie Miles and Aaron Furst making a mellow metal album in the vein of A Perfect Circle and other bands that know how to ease off the throttle. The 7-minute instrumental opener “Mechanism” sheds the faint hearted from the melodic music that follows. One of the more rigid tracks, “About You” has some Filter style vocals and angry guitars on a mission. The album is moody throughout but always keeps restraint to maintain its melodic themes. The brooding tones still fill the songs with tension. The band is never more angsty than on “Internal” where they proudly earn the parental advisory logo on the album cover. “Odophilia” is a solid debut, putting more concentration on ambiance and mood than being loud, making it more accessible than many hard rock albums.

Key Track: “About You”

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