Album at a glance: The Center State – Close Enough To Miss

The Center State - Close Enough To Miss

The Center State’s full-length debut is an upbeat group of acoustic songs where gentle picking is paired with a soft violin and great vocal harmonies. The yearning “Proud Man” is lead singer Jeremy Sharp’s guidebook to life as he expresses his lessons learned in a yielding tone. The title track “Close Enough To Miss” finds McKenzie Davidson leading the vocal charge before giving way to one of the record’s quintessential moments with a choir-style sing-along. The songs play subtle but keep from wearing thin. The contemporary folk stylings here are most closely related to groups like the Milk Carton Kids and even Death Cab for Cutie if you are looking for a more mainstream comparison. The clean production and concrete songwriting will make this album a solid listen every time.

Key Track: “Close Enough To Miss”

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