Album at a glance: Dreamgirl – Illuminaughty


Dreamgirl pushes forward with more synth-pop madness that was previewed last year for their first officially released EP, the brilliantly titled “Illuminaughty.” The attitude of this six-piece St. Joseph band is plucked straight out of Laural Canyon instead of landlocked Missouri. The songs help warm up 30-degree days with their light and poppy mood. Gentle symbol crashes adorn “Sweet Thang” with its swaying groove while “Teenage Blue” wanders through downbeat dream-pop melodies. The timely horns and fuzz guitar picking on “Pretty Sexual” sum up the album fairly well in themselves. The band is careful not to step on toes as the music is given space as each song unfolds on its own accord. This is surely an album for summer but maybe on a cold winter day the warm sound can keep us all toasty until then.

Key Track: “Sweet Thang”

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