Album at a glance: The Souveneers – Heartbreak In Really Cool Town

The Souveneers - Heartbreak in Really Cool Town

The Souveneers quietly released their second full-length record “Heartbreak in Really Cool Town” but if you are one of the many anxiously awaiting it’s arrival, be prepared. Jerrad Hardin and company in the interest of not wanting to sound stale pulled a 180 on us all. Instead of the solo adorned Americana tunes we know so well, we get a trouncing of delta style horns on this 8 track effort. The crowd favorite “Blood Diamond” makes an appearance in an updated form along with the albums strongest track “Hell or High Water.” The sound here is loose while sounding live and jangly like on “All The Mystery” where a wandering sax forms the rhythm giving the vibe of a group of buskers. The album is short, relaxed and anything but a simple follow up to their debut.

Key Track: “Hell or High Water”

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1 Response to Album at a glance: The Souveneers – Heartbreak In Really Cool Town

  1. Jon horn says:

    Too bad the band broken up due to random firing of members for real reason

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