250 Word Album Review: Ike Reilly – Born On Fire

Ike Reilly - Born On Fire

Ike Reilly - Born On Fire gets 4 stars

Ike Reilly is so underrated it makes orphan children cry themselves to sleep. Alright, maybe not but the fact that he isn’t a more well know act if baffling. If you’ve never listened to Reilly before this is as good of place to start as any. This is his 7th studio album and it is as confident as you’ll find him: spitting out his memorable one liners, letting his band create heavy handed rock grooves and writing solid hooks consistently.

“Born On Fire” and “Am I Still The One For You” show his ability to spin meaningful lyrics into a song relaxed enough to feature them over the music. On the more groove oriented tracks “Job Like That” and “2 Weeks A Work, 1 Night A Love” he shows he can also rip lyrics as fast as his band can play and put solid hooks over the great rhythms. “Job Like That” has the consistent dance strut that made “Uptown Funk” such a huge hit last year, it even has a similar breakdown to the huge hit. Reilly shows his true colors on “Hangin’ Around” where sings a slightly disturbing tale that most people wouldn’t care to admit but he gladly puts himself in the story. It is also a standard Reilly track with a huge chorus and driving guitar. “The Black Kat” is another Reilly classic with his vocals following the trail blazed by a powerful guitar riff. This record could easily blow you away if you don’t know Reilly’s music but if you do you’ll know most of his records are this good.

Key Tracks: “Hangin’ Around” “Job Like That” “Born On Fire”

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