Album at a glance: Amy LaVere & Will Sexton – Hallelujah I’m A Dreamer

Amy Lavere & Will Sexton - Hallelujah I'm A Dreamer

This touring husband-wife duo is locked in on loungey bar music. LaVere plays upright bass while Sexton plucks away on an acoustic guitar on this live recording. It sounds live in studio because it is so well recorded and the performances are great. The Duet “It’s a Thing To Do” is a perfect example of what they do best, a gentle and subtle country tune with spot on musicianship. Most songs find LaVere taking the brunt of the vocal duties though, with her sexy rasp this is far from a bad thing. Sweet tunes like “Cupid’s Arrow” and “Dreamer” make you fall under her trance. The songs display what real modern country sounds like, it is far from what you’ll hear on the radio, in fact the album owes much more to Bob Dylan than Johnny Cash. You can call it whatever genre you want but it is unmistakably a good listen.

Key Track: “Cupid’s Arrow”

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