250 Word Album Review: Tracy Huffman and the Walking Sticks

Tracy Huffman And The Walking Sticks


Tracy Huffman can really write a song, this album proves it. If you know Huffman this record is not much new to you with only 4 are new tracks. The songs do sound different though, they are very loose and relaxed like you’ve never heard him before. It sounds like the band is held together with wing nuts and scotch tape and at any time could crumble to pieces.

This gives songs like “Burned Out” and “Jerry” a fresh feel. The jam at the end of “Jerry” sets it apart from the other five times it has been recorded by Huffman; this doesn’t make it any less of a great song though, each version has it’s charm. Songs about drugs are stupid, there are lots of them and most suck, I’ll say it. Huffman’s “Drugs” is an exception though, it has a relaxed acceptance that is really a microcosm of the record and proves why this group of songs is worth listening to. “Keeping My Head On Straight” is a great example of what Huffman does best; write his own redemption songs. With the strums of the electric guitar accompanied by lyrics that make you wonder if he is talking to himself, a girl, the police or all three, the song has a great endearing quality.

Moments of humor are accompanied by moments of desperation and happy is paired with sad here. The contradictions keep enough tension to make you not want to stop listening.

Key Track: “Drugs” “Keeping My Head On Straight” “Jerry”


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