Album at a glace: Radkey – Dark Black Makeup

Radkey - Dark Black Makeup


Radkey has finally done it. They made the record many (myself included) didn’t know if they could make. Why? Because Radkey had never let off the throttle before. On a 4-song EP you can just balls out rock, but for a full-length record you need a tempo change and Radkey realized this. They have typical punk/metal songs like we all know they do so well like on “Love Spills” and “Parade It” and they may never be more punk again in their career than they are on “Le Song.” The key to the madness? The song “Hunger Pain.” While it is far from the best song on “Dark Black Makeup it achieves “key track” status by being so loungey right in middle of the rocking record. This album is what Radkey has always needed, be proud of our three brothers from St. Joseph, they have done amazing things against huge odds.

Key Track: “Hunger Pain”

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