250 word album review: The Warden – The Warden

The Warden debut album cover


The Warden is an East Dallas band that plays upbeat country music with electric guitars. It’s perfect for a bar environment but comes across a little hammy on record. Every song seems to be leading to some punchline trying to get a cheap laugh. The humor fits the song subjects as most songs gravitate toward alcohol, bars, playing shows and fights.

On “Salvation” an oddly bouncy tale of a rough touring life is unfolded. The song is delivered with a sly Texas twang with lyrics like “There is a gag order, so I can’t tell you no more” and “I just bought a bag of Parliaments and there went all my money.” The drums furiously pound on this song and most tracks on this record like “Deny Deny Deny” with its catchy chorus and story of a life of dodging responsibility. On “Our Town” a couple different vocalist take turns at the mic and it helps break the monotony for one of the strongest songs on the record. The singing on much of the record is largely the same, a twangy conversational tone with the same inflections on words song after song.

Overall the musicianship is good, The Warden creates some good electric country grooves but go for the easy lyric and cheap joke a little too often. This is possibly a result of still having a little too much angst running in their blood, a little more age may take some of the low points of the record and create a better balance for the band later on.

Key Tracks: “Our Town” “Livin’ In The EDT”

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