250 word album review: The Electric Lungs – Don’t Be Ashamed of the Way You Were Made

The Electric Lungs - Don't Be Ashamed of the Way You Were Made


The Electric Lungs are among Kansas City’s best bands and hopefully this new record will bring them that recognition. With some of the best hooks in the game this album is every bit as good as their catchy debut. It’s way too easy to call them pop-punk but they have way more going on than that. The band is able to conjure an energy in the studio that most bands fall well short of.

“Play It When You Need It” and “Do You Wanna Know” are shout-along favorites here with their balls out singing and infectious choruses. “Fatally Pleased” also shows their ability to write a great power-pop song. This one in particular is led by a heart beat-drum beat and like many Lungs tracks is tinged with keyboards but not in an overbearing way. The Lungs’ ability to mix guitar riffs with keyboards and not have the keyboards overshadow everything is impressive. “Spanish Soap Opera” has an all too familiar feel that won’t stop rattling in your head and the burning delivery of the closer “Blink 2x” shows the band relies on lyrics as well as a strong rhythm to drive their songs. They add a new spin to the classic Tom Waits song “Diamonds and Gold” pairing the lyrics with a stomping drum and some crunchy guitar licks. Don’t be fooled by the pop-punk label, this group has a sound of its own.

Key Track: “Play It When You Need It” “Do You Wanna Know” “Spanish Soap Opera”

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1 Response to 250 word album review: The Electric Lungs – Don’t Be Ashamed of the Way You Were Made

  1. Granny Shanny says:

    I really appreciate your dead on review of The Electric Lungs. I have been following them for a few years now. Their live shows really rev up the crowd, and there is a camaraderie when everybody’s yelling the songs, that just makes for a fun night. Now, having one of their cd’s playing in my car….kaboom! I have a blast driving, and also pick up of the words I can’t catch live. I’m so stoked the are garnering some of the attention they deserve!

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