Album at a glance: Christopher Bell – Rust

Christopher Bell - Rust

As if being a looping cellist ins’t unique enough, Christoper Bell writes oddly distinctive songs that could work if played on more traditional instruments as well. He takes on “Smokestack Lightning” and breathes new life into the blues classic. “Lost In The Rush” bumps like it could be a bass shattering funk song. “Gone Gone” burns the candle on the dark side of things while “Darling I’m Fine” sounds orchestrated and slows the record to a near complete halt. The slow, acoustic “Kiss Me” sounds like a love song via Tom Waits making it one of the best tracks here. “Sea of Women” possesses some more Waits-style rumble while “Path Back Home” sounds like a skewed hymn with it a little too slow of delivery. “Rust” overall is a little manic but really shows Bell’s ability to mix it up and has some great moments.

Key Track: “Kiss Me”

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