Album at a glance: The Architects – Border Wars Episode II



Kansas City’s The Architects are pretty straight forward at this point. Punky tempos and tasty guitar licks are the status quo and their soaring choruses make them a favorite to sing along to. On the latest edition of Border Wars (each episode a comic book accompanied by an EP of music) they hammer home more of the same. “Kickswaggerboom” is the strongest song here epitomizing why this band has been making records for over a decade. The song struts like the Stones with a more punk edge. “Killer Crush” is more of a mainstream rock tune and may be their best shot at a radio single even though it isn’t the best song on this 6 track EP. A good Green Day-style stomp on “In The Snow” leads this strange track with some Spanish language mixed in. The Architects produce another strong EP but that isn’t surprising anyone.

Key Track: “Kickswaggerboom”

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