Album at a glance: Tweaker Sneakers – Tweaker Sneakers EP


Tweaker Sneakers EP

St. Joseph’s beloved Bobby Dean Floyd snuck off to Portland and got behind the kit for this punky surf rock trio. It’s as weird as you would expect it to be. Think the erraticness of Cupcake with a more nimble approach and probably even closer to Floyd’s project Holy Mother Exhaust. The record is garage rock that is dripping with influences from the Pacific Northwest. Some bands write songs longer than this 5 song/11 minute EP but that isn’t the Tweaker Sneakers game. It is a rough, raw, intense sampling from the band with buried vocals and distorted guitars. At times sounding like the Ramones (“Your New Home”) and other times sounding like an alien transmission (“Howling,”) this bandcamp only EP isn’t for the Top 40 crowd.

Key Track: “Your New Home”

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