250 Word Album Review: Jason Collett – Song and Dance Man

Jason Collett - Song and Dance Man


Jason Collett is a national treasure, the only problem is that that nation is Canada. His albums are always well put together and sound fresh. His latest effort Song and Dance Man is no different. It is a record to listen to in your PJs with a glass of wine, relaxed and true it flows from beginning to end without anything jarring you from your listening experience.

Collett doesn’t waste words often, he get the most bang for his buck on his latest record, he also leans heavily on the music to help set the tone for the songs. He likes to mix bits of almost disco sounding parts into his songs making them dancy in an almost strange way. On the lead track “Provincial Blues” you’ll encounter some grade A disco bounce complete with falsetto backup singers. On the album’s first single “Song and Dance Man” he profiles a self-deprecating tale of a musician playing for gas money. The song is carried by a great walking bass line making it a bonafide toe-tapper. He has dominating amount of slower songs, it is where his specialty lies, like “Little Sparrow” “If She Don’t Love Me Now” and “Staring at the Sun.” They are balanced by super poppy songs like “Forever Young Is Getting Old” that has whistles to help carry the song. The gem here is the beautifully simple love song delivered with some twang, “Love You Babe” that is both cheeky and sincere.

So it is yet another great album by Canadian Jason Collett, so when is the US going to catch on?

Key Tracks: “Love You Babe” “Song and Dance Man” “If She Don’t Love Me Now”

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