Album at a glance: The Flood Brothers – Boom Land

The Flood Brothers - Boom Land

These bluesy fuzz rockers from Columbia, Missouri have a great sound. The two-piece band is adorned with distorted guitar picking, noisy slide guitar and driving drum beats to create some loose noise. “Girl I Know” is a slowed down jam that stands out and “Run, Run, Run” is essential listening with it’s almost live, improvised feel. On “Woman of Mine” they lose themselves in a Hendrix-style groove and they lament for old styles in “’41” which is fitting because it’s obviously inspired by old bluesmen. In fact the whole 16 song album reeks of love for electric blues, Chess Records and any Muddy Wolf correlation you wish to draw. If you are looking for an easy comparison, The Flood Brothers and Black Keys obviously share influences, so yes, they sound alike.

Key Track: “Girl I Know”

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