Album at a glance: The Invisible World – Color / World

The Invisible World - Color / Echo

This 6 song EP from Kansas City’s The Invisible World expands on their debut EP “Welcome To The Invisible World” from 2014. This collection does find them more balanced and confident. The clean sounding production helps songs like the acoustic “Brick By Brick” and fuzz guitar of “Bellamy” thrive. Their strength here however is when they drop their inhibitions and rock out like on “Oughta Know” and “Color/Echo.” The shouting vocals don’t break as the band jams like a Foo Fighters hybrid. Big sounding drums aid these tracks in sounding bigger than some of the slower numbers here may suggest. These rockers countered by a couple almost beach bum sounding songs make for a nice balance for the EP and shows the group is only getting better at this point.

Key Track: “Oughta Know”

  1. Oughta Know
  2. Joliet
  3. Bellamy
  4. Brick By Brick
  5. Color/Echo
  6. The Way
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