Album at a glance: Red Kate – unamerican activities


If you don’t like punk there is no need to read further. This is unapologetic punk, harsh and rash, everything a good record from the genre should consist of. The anger of “You Don’t Speak For Me” is intentionally transparent and aggressive. “Get Out” has the same edge musically but is actually a Ramones-ish love song. There’s actually a lot about love here like on “She Doesn’t Need Your Love” and “Her Lips Say Yes.” Jangly guitars and crashing cymbals scatter on the record all over songs like the Misfits inspired “Punch The Clock.” “On My Mind” is irresistible to not like with it’s soaring chorus all while Red Kate manages to keep their edge. This is high-strung but not too heavy to sing along to, a good match that will please the hardcore fans and also those who like some pop hooks mixed in.

Key Track: “On My Mind”

  1. You Don’t Speak For Me
  2. Get Out
  3. I Got A Gun
  4. Better
  5. Punch The Clock
  6. Take It Back
  7. You Ought To Know
  8. On My Mind
  9. I Want You
  10. She Doesn’t Need Your Love
  11. Her Lips Say Yes
  12. Waited
  13. Heart of the City
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