Ashley Raines debuts new album “King of Nothin'”

Ashley Raines

Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Ashley Raines has provided the first signs of his new album “King of Nothin’.” The Kansas City based Raines is releasing the new album after teasing new material with a collection of covers titled “I’ll Fight: A Collection of Cover Songs” late in 2015. That digital-only collection can be purchased here. The new record will be his first full-length release of original material since “After The Bruising” released in November of 2014.

The new album “King of Nothin'” is due to be released on November 25th, 2016, preorders are available on Raines’ website. Before clicking the link to preorder the prolific songwriter’s latest record you can listen to the title track embedded on the page. Check back soon to Vocals On Top for a review of “King of Nothin’.”

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