Album at a glance: Hawk – I’m On Fire

Hawk - I'm On Fire

Hawk wears their influences on their sleeve and there is nothing wrong with that. A ton of their sound is inspired by the classic rock roots many musicians have, Hawk just is very direct about them. On “Mother Road” you can hear that they like the Crazy Horse version of Neil Young better than his “solo” releases. The mood the album lives in is similar to the Black Crows, you can hear it on the song “I’m On Fire” most but also throughout the album. On “You & Me” the band stiffens their throttle foot and rocks hard around a nimble bass line. You can hear the classic rock FM radio stations pumping in the veins of this record and it isn’t a bad thing.

Key Track: “Mother Road”

This album is a re-release originally from 2014, Hawk is working on a follow-up record due in 2017 featuring notable guest appearances and a new group of songs.

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