Album at a glance: Here’s To The Life! – Eternal Means Forever

Here's To The Life! - Eternal Means Forever

Here’s To The Life! is among the more prolific artists in the Midwest. This is another EP of strong songs with a little different flavor. Lately Patrick Rivera has started to plug back in and this 4 song EP is fully electric. Here’s To The Life! had always been acoustic punk but now the project is evolving. On this EP the song “Don’t Believe The Hype” could be a mantra for the band as a whole. The songs are typically spitfire lyrics with big hooks, just like you would expect. On “Weezer For Now” it is undeniable that the opening guitar riff is instantly associated with Weezer and the song is the power pop structure much like you’d expect from the mentioned band. “Second Place” wouldn’t even sound all that out of place on a Blink 182 record just showing what Here’s To The Life! does best. This is another solid EP to add to the band’s resume.

Key Track: “Don’t Believe The Hype”

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