Album at a glance: Like Rabbits – The Devil In Your Eyes

Like Rabbits - The Devil in Your Eyes

Like Rabbits doesn’t pull any punches on their debut album. It’s straight forward bar bluegrass. The rustic music (stand-up bass, banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar) is fronted with raspy, whiskey soaked vocals with lyrics to match. Songs like “Keep On Drinking” and “Turpentine Wine” sound as true to life as possible as Like Rabbits is a great drinking band. They get some boogie going on “Kansas City Girl” with some hot Tennessee Three style lead guitar licks but that doesn’t tell the whole story. They shift into a mellow gear a couple times like on “I Want To” showing they are no one trick pony. All in all, it’s great drinking music and that is the true endearing part of “The Devil In Your Eyes.”

Key Track: “Kansas City Girl”

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